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Technology Ventures Plus is a technology based venture capital team that invests the resources necessary to propel your company forward by using the latest technology, business process and financial expertise.  

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Technology Direction

Organizations want to grow and operate efficiently . Understanding technology to move forward can be difficult and at times daunting. Let us assist you by providing technology options and discoveries. 

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Software Engineering

Although we have depth at executive leadership positions, designing and programming software is one of our primary strengths.  We are grass root developers who attained our executive status through hands-on exposure. Understanding what to look for and what to avoid is as strategically important as the development skills themselves. We understand that developing software is about managing risk while attaining success.

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Vendor Procurement

Technology purchasing and procurement is best left to someone who has done it time and time again. Negotiating contracts, terms of service, payment arrangements and levels of service are so important to an organization. Many vendors deliver one sided contracts placing the burden on the client to navigate. We can review, explain and provide options during this process. 

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